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Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin • Podcast Addict (1)

Ever notice that we will talk about everything before we talk about money? Sex? No problem. Politics? Bring it on. Money? Totally taboo. But not for long! Nicole Lapin— the only financial expert you don’t need a dictionary to understand, New York Times best selling author of Rich Bitch, and host of Money Rehab— is here to rehab your wallet, so you can get your financial life together once and for all. Episodes are just ten minutes-ish... no frills, just bite-sized tips and tricks so you don’t waste any time. And Nicole wants to hear from YOU! Email the money questions you want answered to [emailprotected] and Nicole will help–and you could even join Nicole on the show for a one-on-one intervention.

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Want Free Money? Here Are Five Places To Find It Jan 26 2024 13 mins If we told you there was free money you were leaving on the table… you’d probably think that I’m lying. But it’s true. Today, Nicole tells you where free money is hiding in plain sight, and how to make sure you leave nothing on the table. To check if you qualify for IRS deductions and credits, go here: Want the kiddos in your life
Should Robots Invest for You? Probably— Here's Why Jan 25 2024 8 mins ET(F) phone home? It may sound too sci-fi, but robo-investing can help you meet your financial goals— and, at a fraction of the cost of working with a human advisor. Today, Nicole explains why we should all lean into robots. To find the best investing app for you, click here:
Nicole Grows Listener's Money By 5% Live - Here's How Jan 24 2024 24 mins Be a fly on the wall as Nicole walks a listener through buying a certificate of deposit (CD) that will yield 5% returns. To learn more about the CD Lauren bought, click here.
Can You Use Your 401(k) To Buy a House? Jan 23 2024 8 mins A down payment on a home will probably be the biggest transaction you’ll ever make in your life… and if you’ve been diligent about contributing to your 401(k), you might be tempted to fund your down payment from that nest egg. It's allowed, but comes with strings attached. Nicole explains the 411 on using a 401(k) to buy your dream home. Originally aired 01-10-2023 Want the k
How To Get Your Dream Engagement Ring Without Breaking the Bank Jan 22 2024 16 mins Jewelers say you should spend the equivalent of 3-6 months of your salary on an engagement ring... but you do not, we repeat, do not, have to do that! Nicole shares three tips around how you can get a great ring without breaking the bank, and Nicole's EP Morgan shares how she and her fiance got 50% off the cost of their ring. Want the kiddos in your life to become money masters? Ch
"Good Debt" is Real — Here's How To Use It (Encore) Jan 21 2024 15 mins Today, Nicole gives you a way to fight back against a system that’s typically set-up against you: lending. Along the way, she shares insights from a recent conversation with Scott Sanborn, the CEO of LendingClub, who shares Nicole's passion for making lending more equitable. Nicole and Scott unpack who gets hurt in traditional systems of lending, how to use credit as a tool and "
Cheryl Burke on the Money Trail of "Dancing with the Stars" Jan 20 2024 25 mins Originally aired 03.03.23 After 26 (!) seasons, Cheryl Burke announced in November that she would be retiring from Dancing with the Stars. If you're asking "what is she doing next?" You might be asking the wrong question. In this conversation, she explains why. Plus, Nicole asks Cheryl to how much DWTS pros and celebs get paid and spoiler alert: the rumored numbers are way, way off
Hot Take: New Money Is Better Than Old Money Jan 19 2024 11 mins The “old money aesthetic” is having a moment. At the time Nicole recorded this, #oldmoney had nearly 12 billion views on TikTok and #oldmoneyoutfitfashion had 433 million views. But despite all of that, Nicole has a hot take: for the first time in centuries, new money is more coveted than old money. She explains. Want the kiddos in your life to become money masters? Check out G
Big Economic Predictions for 2024 with NYU Professor Scott Galloway Jan 18 2024 42 mins While we don't have a crystal ball, we do have Scott Galloway (Professor at NYU Stern School of Business, host of The Prof G Pod and Pivot with Kara Swisher)— so today, Nicole and Scott try to tell the future. They cover all the big economic questions for 2024: where the opportunities will be in the market, whether NVIDIA is even cool anymore, what the year will hold for wannabe
The Medical Medium on Takedown Plots, Celery Juice and Healing Jan 17 2024 33 mins The Medical Medium (Anthony William) is a healer and a #1 NYT bestselling author with a huge, loyal following in the health and wellness space. For some reasons that Nicole and Anthony go into today, Anthony is controversial... but that's not really what this conversation is about. Instead, you’ll hear how the health and wellness space has changed since the Medical Medium came to

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I am a financial expert deeply familiar with various aspects of personal finance, investment strategies, and economic trends. My expertise is backed by a robust understanding of financial principles, market dynamics, and practical applications in real-life scenarios.

In the provided article snippets, Nicole Lapin, a renowned financial expert and author, addresses various topics related to personal finance and money management. Here's a breakdown of the concepts covered in the snippets:

  1. Free Money and IRS Deductions: Nicole discusses the availability of free money through IRS deductions and credits, emphasizing the importance of claiming them to optimize personal finances.

  2. Robo-Investing: Lapin advocates for robo-investing as a cost-effective means to achieve financial goals, highlighting its advantages over traditional human advisory services.

  3. Investment Strategies (CDs): Lapin guides listeners through the process of investing in a certificate of deposit (CD) with a 5% return, demonstrating practical investment strategies.

  4. Using 401(k) for Home Purchase: Lapin explains the implications and considerations of using a 401(k) retirement account for a down payment on a home, providing insights into retirement planning and real estate finance.

  5. Frugal Engagement Ring Purchase: Lapin offers tips on purchasing an engagement ring without overspending, showcasing practical approaches to managing expenses and making informed financial decisions.

  6. Understanding "Good Debt": Lapin discusses the concept of "good debt" and provides strategies for leveraging credit effectively, empowering individuals to navigate borrowing and lending systems.

  7. Financial Trends and Predictions: Lapin engages with industry experts to analyze economic trends and predict future market dynamics, offering valuable insights for financial planning and investment decision-making.

  8. Health and Wellness Trends: Lapin explores trends in health and wellness, featuring conversations with influential figures such as the Medical Medium, Anthony William, to provide holistic perspectives on personal well-being and lifestyle choices.

Through her podcast episodes and discussions, Nicole Lapin aims to demystify complex financial concepts, empower individuals with practical knowledge, and foster a proactive approach to managing personal finances.

Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin • Podcast Addict (2024)
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